Kasper Collision Center is Driving Home Excellence for our Fleet Customers!

Fleet Service Auto Body Repairs can often slow down your day-to-day fleet productivity and increase costs, not to mention the added expenses and loss of time in organizing all the parties to fix it. Let Kasper Collision Center Fleet Specialist handle your problems for you, quickly and easily!

We are experts in the business of fleet auto body repair, and can usually expedite the repair process for you. For example, at Kasper’s we are considered “approved estimators” by most insurance companies and CEI Fleet Management, so we can eliminate days of waiting for an outside insurance examiner to make an appointment and view your vehicle.

If you’re paying for your fleet repairs out of pocket, we offer special menu pricing to help you stay within your budget. All vehicle are returned to match your fleet’s custom color scheme specifications or to match the original manufacturer, with the same limited warranty on paint and finish that Kasper Collision Center gives to all of our satisfied customers.

Fleet body maintenance is made easy with the help of Kasper Collision Center!